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At GoHestia we are not only interested in good construction (insulation and waterproofing), but also give special importance to the wooden internal parts of your tile roof or pergola (planking and beams/rods) taking care of the paint and  editing them, so that they are resistant to time. Each beam is carefully treated as part of the interior decoration of your space.

Attention to detail in all phases of construction for a robust construction but at the same time with a perfect aesthetic result.
This is what makes our clients our best advertisers.

Tiling a Roof


Roof Functionality

The roof provides a lot of protection to a house and contributes enormously to its good aesthetics. Nevertheless, certain factors must coexist in order to combine these two.
The part of the tiles is ensured by the modern factories with their wide range. There is a variety of tiles in colors and types such as Roman, Byzantine, Dutch, French, plastic tiles, glass tiles, asphalt tiles, copper tiles, artificially aged tiles manufactured according to the specifications of each company.
We undertake the correct selection and combination of these for an original construction as our specialized workshop with its know-how and experience proceeds with the technical part.
Keeping these in mind, all possible roof problems are avoided. After all, the ceramic roof is not something you can change every year. It needs care, proper construction and experience.

Roofing a House
Roof Construction

Roof Repair

  • The main reason our customers proceed with roof repair is poor workmanship in the initial construction by unskilled personnel as well as wrong selection of cheap labor.
    However, if we exclude the normal wear and tear of time, other causes that result in the malfunction of a roof are lack of maintenance, extreme weather events such as hail and frost, earthquakes and cheap materials.
    We recommend that you buy materials with specifications and a guarantee, so that you do not pay twice for them in the future.
    A defective roof creates problems for the entire house starting from the paintwork, the ceilings, the floors and of course let's not forget our health and the effects caused by moisture and mold.
    A roof inspection every two years will solve many of the above problems.

Thermal insulation of roofs

Works that shield the roof and provide protection from heat and cold, upgrading our residence energetically. The problems from a lack of thermal insulation on roofs initially appear with the losses of cooling heat in the space.

Signs of mold may appear on our ceiling or liquefaction (droplets) of large sections, even of the walls due to water vapor condensation caused by the temperature difference in the rooms.

These signs indicate a lack of thermal insulation on our roof and not waterproofing, as it can worsen the existing situation, closing the ventilation of the structural elements. So if we do not have thermal insulation on our roof, we should avoid the application of waterproofing if we do not consider other factors such as : aluminum windows and doors in the space, concrete slab thickness, water retention and installation of the minimum thermal insulation in the ceiling from the construction of the building.

Fixing the Roof


Brown Roof


Wooden roofs
* Copper roofs
* Tiled roofs
* Asphalt tiles
* Pergolas
* Wooden constructions
* Roof windows
* Roof restorations
* Roof insulation
* Tile repairs
* Roof repairs



The pergola is an ideal shading solution for the garden, the terrace, the balcony as well as recreational areas. Smart solutions but above all quality constructions that withstand time and weather conditions.



By the term roof insulation we refer to all the works that must be carried out in order to achieve the protection of each building from external environmental factors, such as the sun, rain and humidity. 

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