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3D House Design 3D House Plans

The visualization of a space in which some work is to be done using modern technological methods so that we can see the final result with great precision.

3d σχεδιασμος

Why choose 3D design?


Graphical visualization has several advantages:

1. Detects any inconsistencies in the design from the start
2. It allows you to choose exactly how you want your space to be
3. It reduces the need for additional interventions after the completion of the project
4. Saves costs
5. Saves time
6. It creates a feeling of security in the customer because he knows exactly the end result.
7. Increases the overall quality of the final result

What are the steps involved in 3D design?

  • Defining together with the client the basic plan

  • First a 2D drawing will be created

  • Upon agreement we move on to the next step which is the basic construction plan. We are now one stage before 3D imaging.

  • Construction and presentation of the initial 3D design.

  • Upon agreement completion of the project

  • Architectural and decorative showcases

  • Lighting, colors, furniture materials are added at this stage

  • In the next stage the design is ready and completed

  • The necessary quality checks are done by the designers

  • A final presentation of the plan is made

  • The project implementation procedures are starting!

It should be noted that the most basic stage is the initial discussion with the client. It is there that the whole project will be set up and the philosophy that will govern the whole project will be formed

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