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 Our company specializes in dry building systems. We undertake work on false ceilings, partitions, thermal insulation, sound insulation and special constructions such as hidden lighting, shelves, compositions, bookcases, fireplace linings, etc.

We carry out constructions in any commercial and domestic space. The experience and know-how we have leads us to achieve every construction goal. At the same time, we constantly monitor the evolution of technology and the systems we implement in order to always provide the most modern and integrated ideas and solutions

Our goal is long-term partnerships and not ephemeral profit. We are always at your disposal to design and implement constructions according to your own needs and requirements.

Drywall installation

Our team consists of specialized professionals of various specialties with the aim of fully covering your domestic and business needs.

In particular, we undertake tasks for you such as:

  • Plasterboard false ceilings

  • Mineral Fiber False Ceilings

  • Investments

  • Plasterboard partitions

  • Aluminum partitions

  • Gypsum

  • External insulation

  • Fire Protection Constructions

  • Sound insulation constructions

Plastering Wall
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