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Do you want to renew your space, to give it a new life quickly, cheaply and efficiently? Our professional oil painters from the GoHestia workshop will take care of your home, business or industrial space. Our team of experienced and trusted professional experts will turn your ideas into reality by providing relevant advice. Your project will be carried out with great care, paying attention to even the smallest detail at competitive prices. Our oil painting services guarantee impressive results and excellent quality.

Mixing Paint
Paint Supplies

Individual indicative tasks that we undertake

  • Spatula in newly plastered houses

  • Plastering in houses that have been renovated (plasterboards)

  • Spatula in old houses

  • Spatula over painted walls

  • Spatula in new buildings and buildings with exposed concrete

  • Plasterboard spatulation

  • Repairs of cracks - holes - bad workmanship

  • Interior and exterior house painting

  • Refreshing any type of space

  • Insulation in a damp wall

  • Works on sacred village plaster

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